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Reel Wolf – Blood Moon

Tags: , , | Mar 12, 2019

Name: Reel Wolf – Blood Moon
Genre: Rap | Hip-Hop
Year: 2019
Label: Reel Wolf Records
Featuring: Raekwon, Madchild, Sabac Red, Sean Strange, Ruste Juxx, The Flatlinerz, Twiztid, Recognize Ali, General Steele, Prevail, Swifty McVay, Ghettosocks, Chris Rivers, Intell, Donnie Menace, King Gordy, Insane Poetry, D Lynch, JO The Last Man, DJ TMB, Reznik, Resin, Seen B, Veeko Caine, Swann, Mersinary, Eternal, Lauren Torres, Neph, J Reno, Louie Rankin, Signature, Raze the Ratchet
Producers: Sean Strange, Dominant Species, D Lynch, Snowgoons, Sentury Status, Veeko Caine, Baykan Barlas, LX Xander
Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Duration: 00:50:31
Size: 116 Mb
Description: Studio Album!
[03:14] 01. Blood Cypher feat. Mersinary, Swann, J.O. the Last Man & Raze The Ratchet
[03:56] 02. Ghost in the Machine feat. Madchild, Swann & Sean Strange
[03:27] 03. Hell’s Streetz feat. Mersinary, The Flatlinerz & Sarah Sway
[04:56] 04. Death Squad feat. Ruste Juxx, General Steele, Sars Kuma, Ghettosocks, Chris Rivers & Intell
[04:13] 05. Hoodlum feat. Raekwon, Twiztid, Recognize Ali & Lauren Torres
[04:52] 06. Night of the Slaughter feat. Donnie Menace, King Gordy, Insane Poetry & Reznik
[03:50] 07. Warfare feat. Resin, Mersinary, Swann, Seen B & Veeko Caine
[03:35] 08. Blood Moon feat. Ruste Juxx, Prevail & Swifty McVay
[03:34] 09. Children of the Fog feat. Dominant Species, Sean Strange & Insane Poetry
[02:28] 10. Babylon feat. Louie Rankin & Signature
[03:28] 11. Cerebral Vortex feat. Resin, Neph, J Reno & DJ TMB
[02:51] 12. Perseverance feat. Mersinary, Sabac Red & Lauren Torres
[01:54] 13. Blood Ritual (Outro) feat. DJ TMB
[04:06] 14. Hoodlum (Remix) feat. Raekwon, Resin, Swann, Eternal of Killa Beez & D Lynch

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