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Serj Tankian – The Last Inhabitant (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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Name: Serj Tankian – The Last Inhabitant
Genre: Soundtrack
Year: 2019
Format: Mp3 320 kbps
Description: Studio Album!
01. Intro: The Mountains Speak
02. Title Track Meets the Commandante
03. Ibrahim’s Household
04. Rebecca’s Pain to Apkar’s
05. The Commandante and the Artiste
06. Apkar Going Home
07. Apkar Finds Ibrahim At His Doorstep
08. Post Office To Apkar’s House Readying
09. Artiste And The Russian Soldier
10. Jurka Comes Home
11. Jurka Wakes Up
12. The Melancholy Of Apkar’s Life
13. Ibrahim And Apkar Discuss The Tombstone
14. Apkar Working On The Tombstone
15. Apkar’s Home Vandalized
16. Varsenig
17. The Artiste Is Near
18. Jurka Theme Precursor
19. Apkar’s Love For Jurka
20. Death Or Tea?
21. The Bathing Of Danger
22. Jurka’s Theme: The Lullaby
23. Rebeka Gives Birth
24. Helicopter
25. Danger Approaches
26. The Dangerous Artiste Is Here
27. The Quiet Escape
28. Fire Chat: Saying Goodbye
29. Remembering Razmik
30. The Battle
31. Jurka’s Final Theme: The Lullaby In Full
32. Fragile
33. Piano End Credits

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